Amendments to aviation legislation sent out for comments

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Drone flying over Tampere. (Photo: Ministry of Transport and Communications / Shutterstock)

The legislation on aviation will be amended. The amendments are based on the EU Regulation on common rules in the field of civil aviation and establishing of a European Union Aviation Safety Agency, the so-called EASA Regulation.

In the future, legal provisions on aviation will be based more and more on the EASA Regulation. It will standardise the safety requirements for unmanned aircrafts, or drones, and groundhandling services at airports, among others.

The EASA Regulation is directly applicable in EU Member States. However, it allows some degree of national flexibility in matters such as light aviation and unmanned aviation.

The proposed amendments to the Finnish legislation concern matters the Regulation leaves to the discretion of Member States, such as the minimum age for remote pilots of unmanned aircraft.

Under EU legislation, the general minimum age for remote pilots is 16 years. The Finnish legislation would deviate from this so that minimum age of remote pilots would be determined on the basis of the risks involved. The minimum age would be 12 years for low-risk drone operations, such as cases where remote pilots fly recreational drones within their visual line of sight  When risks are higher, for example because of no visual line of sight, the age limit would be 15 years.

The obligation of drone operators to take out insurance would be specified in the national provisions. Under EU legislation, operators must take out insurance for drones weighing over 20kg. The national provisions would stipulate that operators must take out insurance even for unmanned aircraft under 20kg, with the exception of drones used in aviation operations involving the lowest risk.

The national provisions would also grant the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency the right to establish airspace zones to facilitate or restrict the use of unmanned aircraft.

The amendments are due to come into force on 1 July 2020.

What next?

The deadline for comments on the draft bill is on 28 November 2019. The request for comments is available online at

Organisations and private individuals are invited to comment the bill online at or by email at

During the consultation process, the project will be presented to stakeholders on 28 October 2019. Following the consultation round, the preparations will continue by Ministry officials.


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