Finland welcomes experiments in automated transport

Nyhet 01.09.2015 15.43 fi sv en

Ms Anne Berner, Minister of Transport and Communications

The Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland has released a plan for promoting intelligent automation. The Ministry's plan is also linked with the Government's key project on growth environment for digital business operations. One measure of the project is promotion of robotics.

In transport automation promotion, experiments play a key role. They provide necessary information about the feasibility of the solutions.

"It is the public sector's role to provide a favourable environment for experiments. The goal is to generate new and versatile business operations surrounding intelligent automation in transport, which will benefit everyone developing, providing and using the services," says Ms Anne Berner, Minister of Transport and Communications.

Intelligent automation means robotics where a device or a system is capable of more and more independent action, observation, learning and decision-making by means of programme-linked sensors, artificial intelligence and internet of things.