Applications invited for 700 MHz spectrum licences

News article 10.10.2016 16.40 fi sv en

Photo: Television tower in Pasila, Helsinki (Ministry of Transport and Communications/Aaltonen)

On 10 October 2016, the Finnish Government issued an invitation to apply for licences to operate within the 700 MHz spectrum. The licences will be granted through an auction process that will start on 24 November.

The practical arrangements of the auction are the responsibility of the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority. The aim of the auction is to ensure both efficient use of the frequencies and access to high-quality wireless broadband.

As of February 2017, it will be possible to use the spectrum for the construction of 4G networks. One of the terms attached to the licences is that the network must be built so as to cover 99% of the population of mainland Finland within three years of the start of the licence period.

Any enterprise that wishes to take part in the auction must register at the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority by no later than 7 November 2016.