Cheaper roaming prices in the EU from 15 June 2017

News article 15.06.2017 17.27 fi sv en

Photo: LVM

A new EU regulation on roaming enters into force on 15 June. The new rules mean that the price for using roaming services within the Union is primarily the same as it would be in the user's home country.

The principle of the so-called Roam-Like-At-Home regulation is that people who occasionally travel outside the country where they live do not have to pay any additional roaming charges. However, the operator may impose small surcharges, if they have been granted a permission to do so or if the “fair use” limit determined by the operator in the subscriber connection agreement is exceeded. The permission for surcharges aims to ensure that Finland can continue to include in its national provision of services cheap, unlimited and large-volume data packages.

Roaming surcharges are not entirely removed from all subscriptions. The surcharges will, however, always have a regulated maximum that is significantly smaller than at present.