null eAgora to speed up broadband advancement in developing countries

eAgora to speed up broadband advancement in developing countries

News article 08.03.2011 15.47 fi en

According to a working group operating as part of the UN Broadband Commission, the advancement of communications and broadband connections in developing countries requires that an electronic data application, an 'eAgora', be set up, bringing together data and providing searches and opportunities for new contacts in an open and easily accessible format. The working group met in Levi, Lapland, on 6-7 March.

Led by Finland's Minister of Communications Suvi Lindén, the group aims at creating a model for improving and securing e-government services in developing countries and making them available for the citizens.

According to the working group, it is essential that an optimal enabling environment be created for e-services. This environment should be premised on effective and secure connections that are affordable and widely available to people.

A key aspect in service development is utilising and sharing information on existing models and best practices. However, the models need to allow modifications to ensure that they suit the local circumstances. In this regard, actors such as civil society organisations have an important role to play.