Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority: Availability of high-speed broadband improved in Finland

News article 27.02.2014 14.47 fi sv en

Internet cables (Photo: Rodeo)

At the end of 2013, FICORA studied the availability of high-speed broadband subscriptions for the second time.

The study results showed that the availability of high-speed broadband lines of 30 Mbps or more has improved by about 5% during 2013 in Finland. The number of subscriptions using fibre-optic technology has increased in the same time even faster, about 11%.

The best availability of fixed broadband lines is in the province of Pohjanmaa where a high-speed broadband line is available for more than three fourths of permanent residences.

At the end of 2013, a 30 Mbps broadband line using fixed network technologies was available for 69% of the Finnish households.

A broadband line implemented to homes or buildings by means of the fibre-optic network was available for about 41% and mobile broadband with a nominal speed of 30 Mbps for about 85% of the households. More fibre-optic networks have been built in cities and rural municipalities.

According to an objective set in the European Commissions' Digital Agenda, a 30 Mbps broadband line will be available to all Europeans by 2020. In 2008, the Finnish government set an objective according to which a broadband 100 Mbps will be available to nearly all Finns by the end of 2015.