null Government grants radio programme licences in supplementary application round

Government grants radio programme licences in supplementary application round

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Woman wearing headphones (Photo: Mika Pakarinen, Keksi / LVM)

On 23 June 2021, the Government granted licences for radio broadcasting in analogue terrestrial mass communications network.

The deadline in the supplementary round for applications was 3 May. Applications were invited for released or new frequencies that were not used during the current licence period for radio broadcasting. The current licence period started at the beginning of 2020 and the granted licences will be valid for ten years. The licences to be granted in the supplementary application round will enter into force on 1 July 2021 and remain valid until the end of the current licence period.

If there is not enough frequency capacity for all applicants or if the licence decision has a significant effect on the general development of the communications market, the decision on the licences is made by the Government. Since there were more than one applicant for almost all frequencies in the supplementary application round that ended in May, the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency referred, under the Act on Electronic Communication Services, all applications for free frequencies to the Government for decision.

Radio broadcasting subject to licence remains largely unchanged in Finland. As a result of the supplementary application round, the coverage of some radio channels will be expanded and there will be two new operators, Kaleva365 and Savon Media Oy. Up until now, Savon Media has operated in cooperation with another broadcasting company in Kuopio, but will now start using its own frequency. In addition, the new speech radio channel by Savon Media, Supla FM, will start operating at the Kangasala frequency.

Licences awarded by the Government

Frequency block 15 Järviradio Oy (Nivala)

Frequency block 19 Patmos Lähetyssäätiö (Lappeenranta)

Frequency block 20 Livelaboratorio Oy (Naantali)

Frequency block Kangasala 1 Sanoma Media Finland Oy

Frequency block Kotka-Kouvola 1 Kaasilansalmi Oy

Frequency block Kuopio-Iisalmi 2 Suomen Lähiradiot Oy

Frequency block Pohjanmaa 2 Bauer Media Oy

Frequency block Pohjanmaa 5 Kaleva 365 Oy

Frequency block Savo 3 Savon Media Oy


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