Government proposes new air services agreements

Press release 30.08.2019 13.06 fi sv en

Aeroplane in air, landing to Helsinki-Vantaa airport. (Photo: Juha Tuomi, Rodeo)

The Government proposed on 29 August 2019 that Parliament adopt air services agreements between Finland and Kenya, Finland and Mexico and Finland and Chile. Finland has not previously concluded air services agreements with these countries.

The agreement between Finland and Chile would be one of the most extensive air services agreements that Finland has ever entered into. According to the agreement, air transport between the countries would be free, and no quantitative limitations would be placed on the designated airlines of the countries and no restrictions would be set on the routes.

Under the agreement between Finland and Mexico, the airlines designated by the countries are free to operate air services between Finland and Mexico.   In accordance with the agreement between Finland and Kenya, the airlines designated by the countries would be given the right to operate air services from Finland to Nairobi and Mombasa.  Connecting flights would still be subject to the approval of the aviation authorities of Finland, Mexico and Kenya.

These are bilateral air services agreements including such matters as how and on what conditions the parties can designate airlines for services between the countries.  The agreements also specify the rights and obligations of the airlines in operating the services.


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