null Government resolution on the Logistics Digitalisation Strategy sent out for statements

Government resolution on the Logistics Digitalisation Strategy sent out for statements

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On 3 February 2021, the Ministry of Transport and Communications sent a proposal for a government resolution on improving the effectiveness of digitalisation in the logistics sector. The draft resolution outlines the Government’s measures concerning the digitalisation of logistics, which will implement the objectives of the Logistics Digitalisation Strategy published in October 2020.

The resolution consists of five entities that concern the development of the regulatory and information environments in logistics and improving the availability of information related to transport chains and the interoperability of statistics and data. The draft resolution also contains measures to ensure the cyber and information security of logistics.

The resolution also contains measures related to the digitalisation of logistics that are included in the preparation of other central government projects promoting the sustainability of the transport system, such as the Roadmap for Fossil-free Transport, the National Transport System Plan (Liikenne 12), and the ICT sector’s climate and environmental strategy.

The digitalisation of logistics also contributes to the objectives and strategic guidelines of the EU's green and digital transition. The most important of these are the European Commission 's Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, the European Data Strategy, the EU' s Green Deal and the legislative initiatives related to the programmes.

Digitalisation improves efficiency of supply chains, but requires investments in information security

The introduction of digital solutions, the seamless flow of information and optimisation of transport will increase the efficiency and cost benefits of logistics and reduce the climate impacts of transport both in individual supply chains and at the level of the entire transport system.

In terms of performance and efficiency, Finnish companies are at a good international level. Even so, there is a demand for more efficient operations, as information flow in logistics chains is currently optimised, as information flow is only partly digital. For this reason, a significant share of the measures proposed in the resolution apply to the digital availability and management of logistics data throughout the supply chain as well as to the real-time and automated utilisation of data.

As digitalisation development in logistics progresses, it should also be noted that the operating environment will be more sensitive to cyber disruptions. If these materialise, they can halt the movement of goods critical for the functioning of society and security of supply. To safeguard the development of digitalisation, the draft resolution proposes the creation of procedures to ensure the cyber and information security of operations. This will necessitate investments in the information and cyber security work and expertise of, in particular, the logistics sector’s supervisory authorities.

The basis for the resolution is the Logistics Digitalisation Strategy published by the Ministry of Transport and Communications in October 2020, which outlines a vision and objectives for increasingly digitalised logistics as well as common measures for attaining these objectives.

The Logistics Digitalisation Strategy and its implementation will facilitate the realisation of the objectives set out in Prime Minister Sanna Marin's Government Programme to fully utilise the opportunities offered by digitalisation in transport, thus accelerating growth and well-being as well as to engage in efforts to reduce transport emissions. The aim is also to raise awareness of Finland’s status as a pioneer in technological development, innovative procurement and experimental culture.

What next?

The statement period for the draft resolution will end on 19 February 2021.

Statements can be submitted online by all organisations and citizens at or by e-mail to

After the round of statements, the legislative drafting will be continued by public officials.


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