null Jorma Ollila to chair working group on fair transport

Jorma Ollila to chair working group on fair transport

News article 03.02.2012 14.29 fi sv en

The Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications has appointed a working group to map out the way towards a fair and intelligent transport system. Mr Jorma Ollila, Chairman of Nokia's Board of Directors, is to chair the working group.

The working group will set out to explore, among other things, how Finland should proceed in the long-term implementation of a road charging system. Issues to be examined will include technology, transport, economy and legislation related questions.

The working group's term will last from 3 February 2012 to 31 December 2013.

The working group led by Mr Ollila will launch its work by discussing matters of principle, such as the targets, effects and opportunities of road charging as an instrument giving direction to the transport system and making it more efficient. Action to safeguard privacy protection is also an important part of the project.

'We commence this work with an open mind. The key issue is to determine what targets should be set for road charging; that is, what we seek to accomplish with it. Are we going to aim at improving traffic flows, reducing emissions, providing funding for transport infrastructure, or something else?
Transport pricing and services are extremely important issues at the level of society, and I consider the task that I have been entrusted with very interesting', Jorma Ollila says.

Minister of Transport Ms Merja Kyllönen is pleased with Mr Ollila's chairmanship.

'Exploring options for road charging is included in the Government Programme, and I think that looking into ways how to implement transport pricing in a fair manner is one of the most important issues during my term of office. Mr Ollila's role as chair of the working group is challenging, and I look forward to the results. I give the working group my full support and peace to do its work', says Minister of Transport Ms Kyllönen.