Minister Berner to attend the EU Telecommunications Council

News article 25.05.2016 12.24 fi sv en

The Telecoms Ministers of the European Union will meet in Brussels on 26 May. Finland’s representative at the meeting will be Ms Anne Berner, Minister of Transport and Communications.

Minister Berner will also attend a lunch meeting of the Telecoms and Competitiveness Ministers to discuss the Digital Single Market strategy.

The main topic on the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council’s agenda is the proposal for a decision on the assignment of the 700 MHz frequency band for the use of wireless services across the Union. As the main deadline is proposed the year 2020. The Council aims to reach a general approach on the matter. Finland is in favour of the proposal. The proposal for a decision also concerns the UHF frequency band below 700 MHz, where Finland advocates more flexible deployment guided by national circumstances.

The Ministers will also hold a policy debate on the review of the EU telecoms rules. The objective of the discussion is to provide political guidance for the Commission in the preparation of the forthcoming proposal. Finland considers it crucial that an up-to-date regulatory framework can be achieved and that deregulation can be promoted. Finland calls for the replacement of the current significant market power regulation by more flexible legislation. In the area of consumer protection, Finland supports reliance on the general consumer protection legislation.