Minister Berner to meet Norway's Minister of Transport and Communications

News article 08.08.2016 09.22 fi sv en

Ms Anne Berner, Finland's Minister of Transport and Communications, will meet Mr Ketil Solvik-Olsen, Norway's Minister of Transport and Communications, on 8 August in Helsinki.

The Ministers will discuss current topics in transport and communications, such as the Transport Code, automatic cars, 5G telecommunications technology and intercontinental cable projects.

Finland has been active in promoting digitalisation of transport and supporting experimentation and testing. The transport sector will be a significant user of the future 5G technology.

In Finland, the reform of the transport market legislation, the Transport Code, aims to promote digitalisation, support the development of new service models, and better respond to the needs of transport users.

Intercontinental cable projects are a topical issue in the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications. Commissioned by Minister Berner, rapporteurs Paavo Lipponen and Reijo Svento are currenlty exploring the prerequisites for international cooperation in launching the cable-laying project in the North-East Passage.