null Minister Harakka: Safe public transport services to be discussed with transport operators

Minister Harakka: Safe public transport services to be discussed with transport operators

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The Government has started to lift the restrictions and recommendations imposed due to the corona epidemic. This means that public transport services, too, that decreased during the state of emergency are starting to recover. In the beginning of June, the Ministry of Transport and Communications will organise a forum for transport operators to agree on the ways to ensure the provision of safe public transport services.

Minister of Transport and Communications Timo Harakka stresses that as public transport services increase, transport operators, and people themselves, must ensure the safety of travel:

“It is important that we follow the guidelines of the National Institute for Health and Welfare in public transport: stay at home if sick, cough in the sleeve and maintain a safe distance from other people. It is also important that transport operators bear their responsibility. I greatly value the measures the public transport service providers have taken at their own initiative to ensure the health security of passengers,” says Minister Harakka.

Legislative measures when necessary

If measures taken at own initiative are not enough, the Ministry may take legislative measures to limit, for example, the number of seats and passengers in public transport or to impose an obligation to maintain a safe distance. It should also be examined whether the loss of income due to the restrictions could be compensated to the operators.

“An extensive and well-functioning public transport system is essential to ensure equal and environmentally friendly mobility. Our key responsibility is to ensure that public transport services are efficient and people trust in them both under exceptional and normal circumstances,” Minister Harakka says.


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