Minister of Transport and Communications Marin: Regulation of taxi services to be updated and problems addressed

Press release 02.07.2019 14.51 fi sv en

Minister Sanna Marin (Photo: Government Communications Department)

Sanna Marin, the Minister of Transport and Communications, has launched measures to address the problems in the existing regulation of taxi services and to update related legislation. The Government Programme emphasises the safety of taxi services, actions against the shadow economy, and regional accessibility. The Government Programme also states that the competitive tendering practices for taxi journeys paid by the Social Insurance Institution Kela need to be reassessed.

During 2019, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, in collaboration with a number of other authorities, will examine the impacts of the reform of taxi services regulation introduced last summer. Based on the assessments, the Ministry will initiate a legislative project to address any shortcomings identified.

Minister of Transport and Communications Sanna Marin emphasises the importance of the impact assessments for the bill drafting.

“The Government wants to make sure people have access to high-quality, safe taxi services that meet their needs. Any problems identified will be addressed. A thorough and extensive assessment of the problems in the existing legislation is required to update legislation. We want to take action based on accurate information, and in consultation with the citizens and the taxi services sector,” Minister Marin concludes.

Taxi market activity being assessed on multiple levels

The main parts of the Act on Transport Services entered into force on 1 July 2018. Reforms of taxi services were part of this comprehensive reform. 

Various authorities are now evaluating the taxi market activity and collecting statistics and follow-up data. The Act of Transport Services has introduced major changes, and an extensive impact assessment will be carried out during 2019.

Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority is looking into the position of dispatch centres and its impact on effective competition. Finnish Tax Administration is evaluating the effects of taxi service deregulation from the shadow economy perspective. Transport and Communications Agency TrafiCom monitors prices regularly and plans targeted taxi licence supervision measures on the basis of data provided by the Finnish Tax Administration.

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