Minister Risikko: Safety at pedestrian crossings is a matter for everyone

News article 07.08.2014 11.37 fi sv en

Paula Risikko, minister of Transport and Local Government (Photo: Jere Hietala, Tailorframe Oy)

Paula Risikko, Minister of Transport and Local Government, points out that safety at pedestrian crossings is an issue for everyone.

- "As schools go back it is a good time to think about our own driving behaviour and what we can do to promote traffic safety. A pedestrian crossing must obviously be a place where it is safe for pedestrians to cross a road. One child injured or killed on a pedestrian crossing is one too many. It is out attitudes, yours and mine, that determines what we do at pedestrian crossings."

Paula Risikko attended the Safe Start to the School Year event on the Wednesday 6 August. At the event, which was organised by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency - Trafi and Liikenneturva (Central organisation for traffic safety in Finland) and their partners, the Minister was introduced to the City of Helsinki's Children's Traffic Park and also took part in the You Create a Crossing campaign. The idea behind the event was to promote discussion about driving behaviour.

It was possible to have yourself photographed at the event and to create your own poster promoting safety at pedestrian crossings. Many of the participants, including the Minister, made their own pedestrian crossing safety poster using a picture of their own face to commit to following safe practices at pedestrian crossings.

The two-year You Create a Crossing campaign is being run by Liikenneturva, the Police and members of the Central organisation for motor traffic (Moottoriliikenteen keskusjärjestö - MOLIKE).