Ministerial Committee on Economic Policy supports corporatisation of Finavia's air navigation services

News article 20.12.2016 09.15

Airplane (Photo: Rodeo)

The Government's Ministerial Committee on Economic Policy supports the proposal by the Ministry of Transport and Communications to corporatise the air navigation services of Finavia Corporation and turn them into a special assignment company in spring 2017. The company would be responsible for Finland’s area control service as well as for aerodrome and approach control services.

In future, the wholly state-owned company would be responsible for such special functions related to air navigation as airspace management, area control, aeronautical services for state purposes and air search and rescue services.

The systems needed for national route service, such as the air traffic control system, radars and voice communications systems, would be transferred to the company. Air navigation facilities at airports, for example air traffic control towers and their devices, would remain with Finavia.

“Air navigation services at Finavia are already provided through a corporation so there will be no changes in the service provision format. The differentiation of the air navigation services business into a separate company is a way to prepare for the changes that are expected in the sector in Finland and Europe,” says Minister of Transport and Communications Anne Berner.

The corporatisation of air navigation services was on the agenda of the Ministerial Committee on Economic Policy on 20 December 2016.