Organisation of the Ministry of Transport and Communications to change

News article 23.09.2011 12.00 fi sv en

The new rules of procedure of the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications will come into force on 1 October 2011. At the same time, the organisation of the Ministry will change. The main structure will remain the same, but new units will be established under the departments of the Ministry. The reorganisation aims at clarifying the Ministry's operations and making them more efficient.

As of 1 October 2011, the units and their directors will be as follows:

Transport Policy Department
Ms Minna Kivimäki, Director-General

Transport Administration, Director of Unit Ms Sabina Lindström
Transport Strategy, Director of Unit Mr Mikael Nyberg
Transport Market, Director of Unit Mr Tero Jokilehto
Transport Safety and the Environment, Director of Unit Ms Silja Ruokola
Transport Management, Director of Unit Mr Risto Murto

Communications Policy Department
Mr Juhapekka Ristola, Director-General

Communications Market, Director of Unit Mr Olli-Pekka Rantala
Basic Communications Services, Director of Unit Ms Laura Vilkkonen
Internet Services, Director of Unit Ms Kirsi Miettinen

Administration Department
Mr Pekka Plathan, Director-General

Finance Unit, Director Ms Jaana Kuusisto
Administration Unit, Director Ms Päivi Viippola
Development Unit, Director Mr Mika Mäkilä
Security Unit, Director Mr Rauli Parmes

Press and Information
Ms Taina Pieski, Director of Press and Information