Preparation of competitive tendering of Southern Finland’s regional rail services to be suspended

Press release 27.06.2019 11.22 fi sv en

Commuter train in Vantaa. (Suratwadee Rattanajarupak / Shutterstock)

Minister of Transport and Communications Sanna Marin has decided to suspend the preparation of the tendering of Southern Finland's regional rail services. It has turned out during the preparation process that it is not possible to proceed in the tendering as planned.

The process has to be interrupted because, for example, the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL) is currently investigating the possibility that the City of Järvenpää would join the regional ticket zone administered by HSL. Should Järvenpää join the HSL ticket zone, the competitive tendering relating to regional rail services and, for example, income from the sale of tickets in the regional rail services would be impacted markedly. 

Moreover, the corporate arrangements required to meet the conditions of fair competitive tendering, which would have meant the separation of the rolling stock and certain depot and station properties used for rail services in Southern Finland, have not been made. 

Competitive tendering of HSL’s commuter train transport under way  

Based on an agreement between VR and the Ministry of Transport and Communications, VR has exclusive right to provide passenger rail transport services in Finland until the end of 2024. The exclusive right applies to all passenger rail transport in Finland, excluding the commuter train transport services provided by HSL.

HSL has put its commuter train transport services out to tender and the project is under way. The winning operator will be confirmed likely in spring 2020. Transport procured through competitive tendering is scheduled to start in summer 2021.

What next?

As is stated in the Government Programme, in opening up the passenger rail services to competition, the results of the competitive tendering of commuter rail services under way in HSL will be monitored, and the Open Access model will be observed in future competitive tendering. 

The overall development of rail transport services will be discussed as part of the plan for the national transport system, launched recently. 


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