Preparations for emissions trading scheme for national road transport sector continue, stakeholder consultation in August

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Traffic jam (Photo: Shutterstock)

A cross-sectoral working group of public officials of the Ministry of Transport and Communications is drafting a memorandum on the implementation of an emissions trading scheme for the national road transport sector. On 12 August 2021, the group organised a consultation event to support the preparations. The participants included representatives from universities, organisations, and businesses in the sector.

The work is part of the process of preparing a Roadmap to fossil-free transport. On 6 May 2021, the Government adopted a resolution on reducing domestic transport-related greenhouse gas emissions, i.e. the ‘Roadmap for fossil-free transport’. The aim of the three-phase plan is to halve transport emissions by 2030. The measures of the Roadmap concern the road transport sector, which accounts for the majority of transport emissions.

Emissions trading would be introduced in the road transport sector, if the first and second phase measures of the Roadmap are not adequate to achieve the emission reductions set as the target.

In autumn 2021, the Government will assess whether the decisions made at the EU level and the means presented in the Roadmap are sufficient to halve the greenhouse gas emissions of the transport sector by 2030. If it seems that the target will not be achieved, the Government will take decisions on the third phase measures that will be needed.

On 14 July 2021, the European Commission published a proposal for climate action. It proposes to extend emissions trading to the road and maritime transport sectors. The Commission proposal will be taken into account in the group’s work. The preparations for introducing emissions trading in the national road transport sector will increase the knowledge-base and support the examination of the Commission proposal.

At the moment, there is no EU legislation in place to regulate emissions trading in the road transport sector within Member States. Furthermore, there is no national legislation on emissions trading in the sector.

What's next?

In August 2021, the working group will consult the stakeholders also in writing.

A public consultation will be arranged in the autumn, once the memorandum has been completed.

The term of the working group will last until 31 December 2021.


Matleena Kurki-Suutarinen, Senior Government Adviser, chair of the working group, tel. +358 50 343 7543