Strategic guidelines for data economy

News article 08.02.2016 16.40 fi en

Lap top and internet (Photo: Rodeo)

The Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications is preparing strategic guidelines on big data and My Data for the purposes of a Government Resolution. The vision is that Finland will be a strong, innovative and reliable data environment where competencies generate international business operations.

The guidelines are part of the Government key project on utilising large data resources for business purposes. A draft version has been sent for consultation which is due to end on 16 February 2016.

The guidelines suggest that in future the focus be on measures that remove restrictions on data economy development and help utilise data resources. It is also suggested that service infrastructures and practices enabling the use of data be developed and data-based analytics, service and application development emphasised.

In line with the guidelines, in 2020 Finnish enterprises and organisations will share data and interfaces to promote businesses and services that are based on the use of data. A broader and more competent range of services will raise Finland's status as an attractive data service provider and partner.

The guidelines also pay attention to good data management. The aim is that organisations and people are able to adequately monitor and use their personal data. A further objective is that tested My Data practices are broadly used and expertise relating to My Data is used internationally.

The strategic guidelines on big data and My Data in the form of a Government Resolution are part of the Government key project of building a growth environment for digital business operations. The project aims to increase the use of big data and to create the best possible operating environment for data-based business and growth of the sector.