Taina Pieski to continue as Communications Director at the Ministry of Transport and Communications

News article 19.09.2013 13.50 fi sv en

Communications Director Taina Pieski (Photo: Tero Pajukalliio)

The Finnish Government has appointed Ms Taina Pieski (46), M.Phil., as Communications Director of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Her new term of office begins on 15 October 2013.

The Communications Director is appointed for a period of five years.

Ms Pieski has held the position of Communications Director at the ministry since 2008. Before that, she worked as the Head of Information and Communication at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and as Communications manager at the Ministry of the Environment.

The Communications Director takes part in the ministry's management duties and sits as a member of its management groups. The Communications Director leads the ministry's Communications Unit, which handles the ministry's external and internal communications, stakeholder activities and web communications. The responsibilities of the Communications Director also include cooperation within the Government and the ministry's administrative branch in the field of communications.