null Weight limits in road traffic to and from Russia to be changed

Weight limits in road traffic to and from Russia to be changed

Press release 09.02.2009 13.45 fi en

Finland's Ministry of Transport and Communications has informed the Russian Ministry of Transport that vehicles weighing more than 38 tonnes will no longer be allowed on Finnish roads without an overweight permit. The new policy will be followed as of 15 February 2009. The Association of International Road Transport Carriers (ASMAP) of Russia has been informed of the new policy.

The change was made because the current practice is against the Road Transport Agreement and the Finnish law. In accordance with the Finnish legislation an articulated vehicle registered in Russia with a total weight of more than 38 tonnes always needs an exemption permit from the Finnish Vehicle Administration.

The basis for exemption permits for overweight vehicles lies in an aim agreed in 2001 to create equal conditions for Finnish and Russian transport operators. Finland and Russia have agreed that vehicles with a total maximum weight of 42 tonnes are allowed to operate in both countries on condition that the axle loads accord with the national regulations.

The reference to axle loads was included in the agreement at Russia's request. In Finland this has caused problems to the supervisory authorities and they have repeatedly requested for specifications to the application instructions.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications has started negotiations with the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation on amending the Road Transport Agreement between the countries. The aim is to amend the regulations concerning road maintenance charges, weights and dimensions of heavy vehicles, and to agree on the rules for taxi transport services.

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