Composition of the administrative sector

  1. Finnish Meteorological Institute
  2. Finnish Transport Agency
  3. Finnish Transport Safety Agency
  4. Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority
  5. Finrail Oy
  6. Air Navigation Services Finland Oy
  7. Yleisradio Oy 


Finnish Meteorological Institute

The Finnish Meteorological Institute is both a service provider and a research institution. It produces information on atmospheric conditions for the purposes of public safety and for the needs of businesses and the public at large.

Finnish Transport Agency

The Finnish Transport Agency’s domain comprises the entire transport system and all modes of transport, except for aviation. The Agency’s duty is to ensure that Finland has an effective, safe, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly transport system.

Finnish Transport Safety Agency

The Finnish Transport Safety Agency is the administrative and safety authority in charge of transport system regulatory and monitoring functions whose duty is to promote traffic safety and sustainable development in the transport system.

Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority

The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority has the duty of ensuring data security in communications in Finland and that the country’s communications networks and markets function effectively and without interruption, and also that the position of consumers is safeguarded.

State majority-owned companies

Finrail Oy

Finrail Oy operates at the heart of the Finnish rail transport. The core services include railway traffic control and safety, transport planning, operating centres, and passenger information services relating to train travel. Finrail is responsible for traffic control and safety on the Finnish state rail network. The traffic controllers responsible for the control hold the qualification specified by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi for carrying out their tasks.

Air Navigation Services Finland Oy

Air Navigation Services Finland Oy is responsible for such special functions related to air navigation as airspace management, area control, aeronautical services for state purposes and air search and rescue services. 

Yleisradio Oy

Yleisradio Oy (YLE, the Finnish Broadcasting Company) is Finland’s national public service broadcasting company.