Transport and communications policy

The Ministry aims

  • at the development of new services through better legislation;
  • to maintain welfare and create sustainable growth and national competitive edge through innovative services;
  • to enable utilisation of information in the development of new services and business operations;
  • to ensure that transport and communications networks provide a solid framework for the development and renewal of society.

Key duties of the Ministry

The Ministry prepares the political and strategic guidelines and legislation within its branch. Matters are prepared openly and in collaboration with the stakeholders.

Transport and communications policy aims to ensure, by means of legislation, smoothly running everyday life as well as mobility of information, goods and people. The Ministry's mission is to maintain the competitiveness of businesses and to mitigate climate change by measures within its administrative branch.

Well-functioning transport and communications services are among the key elements on which Finnish society is founded. More and more often the raw material for services is information and the transport and communications networks function as the platform.

Advanced legislation lays the groundwork for market-based service production and new business ideas.

Transport and communications policy in the Government Programme

Digitalisation is a cross-cutting theme in Prime Minister Sipilä's Government Programme. For the administrative branch of the Ministry of Transport and Communications the most important key projects relate to reinforcing the requirements for digitalisation.

The digital revolution affects the everyday life of people in Finland. The projects of the Government Programme and the legislation pursue to change the operating methods and respond to the structural changes of society with a view to promoting wellbeing.

The objective is that transport and communications services are provided on market terms and easy-to-use basis. Services need to be mutually compatible and form a well-functioning system.

The Ministry provides guidance to its agencies

One of the core goals of transport and communications policy is guidance of the agencies within the Ministry's administrative branch, i.e. the Finnish Transport Agency, the Transport Safety Agency, the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority and the Finnish Meteorological Institute. The Ministry guides their operation and makes sure that their performance targets and operations are in line with the Government Programme.

The Ministry is also responsible for governance steering of Air Navigation Services Finland Oy, Cinia Oy and Finrail Oy. The companies have societal duties.