The Ministry aims to

  • increase the availability of information and open data and generate new business operations;
  • promote the utilisation of automation and robotics;
  • ensure that services and networks are safe for the users.

Key duties of the Ministry

It is the duty of the Ministry of Transport and Communications to improve access to data and, by means of regulation, provide opportunities for data-based businesses. 

The Ministry is responsible for law-drafting concerning data resources and use of information. Matters related to privacy protection and security and confidentiality of communications services fall within the Ministry's mandate.

Open data enables new services

As digital systems develop, the collection of data is converting more and more into industrial activity. Openness of information is a prerequisite for new services.

Open data and continuously developing mass data analysis methods provide substantial opportunities for transport and communications services, business operations and the entire society.

The aim of the Ministry and the administrative branch is to build up users' trust in digital services and business models. New transport and communications services and their safe use call for high-quality information security throughout the delivery chain.