The Ministry aims

  • to ensure that people and businesses have access to well-functioning, safe and secure transport and communications networks;
  • to safeguard the efficient operation of transport and communications networks also in extreme situations.

Key duties of the Ministry

The Ministry is responsible for the operation of transport and communications networks and routes and online markets.

It is also responsible for the guidance and supervision of the use of the networks, spectrum policy and operating licences. Environmental and energy issues in transport and communications fall within the purview of the Ministry.

Well-functioning transport and communications networks throughout Finland

It is the Ministry's duty to ensure that Finland has reliable, safe and secure transport and communications networks and enough capacity to meet the needs of welfare and growth in society.

The objective is to use the latest technology and skills to construct and maintain transport and communications networks, which must be cost and energy-efficient and take environmental aspects into consideration.

In the function of networks, various extreme situations must also be considered that may be caused by the climate change, for example.

Network construction is guided by the agencies

The Finnish Transport Agency, which operates under the Ministry's guidance, is responsible for road, railway and waterway construction and maintenance. The Transport Agency outsources the work to businesses through competitive tendering.

In Finland, communications networks are mainly built up on market terms. The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority monitors their construction and ensures that they work efficiently and without any disturbances.