Licences for commercial use of the 700 MHz band to be auctioned

News article 01.07.2016 15.33 sv en

Auction phase 24.11.2016: Auction in progress

The Government invites applications for telecom operating licences for the spectrum 703–733 MHz and 758–788 MHz pursuant to section 7 of the Information Society Code (917/2014). The licences will be granted through an auction process as provided for in section 11 of the Code.

Any enterprise or organisation wishing to participate in the auction shall sign up with FICORA no later than 7 November 2016 as specified in FICORA regulation M64.

700 MHz auction background information

The 700 MHz spectrum (frequency bands 703–733 and 758–788) has been allocated from television broadcasting to wireless broadband use as of 2017. The spectrum can be cost-effectively used for the construction of 4G networks.

In order for the commercial use of the frequencies to start as planned, the licenses must be granted in 2016.

The Government will grant the licenses through an auction process that will start on 24 November. Practical arrangements related to the auction are the responsibility of the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority.

Auction documents and links to the relevant web pages of the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority are available at the end of this page.

Objectives of the auction

The objective of the auction is to ensure efficient use of spectrum and to improve the availability, quality and capacity of national high-speed wireless broadband connections.

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