Operational programme to develop satellite navigation

News article 10.10.2017 11.20 fi sv en

A navigator in a car window (Photo: Rodeo, Juha Tuomi)

The Ministry of Transport and Communications has sent out for comments a draft operational programme on satellite navigation. The programme describes the current state of satellite navigation systems and how they are deployed in different sectors of society and especially in automated transport. It also discusses the current system of space administration in Finland and its pressures for change.

Personal navigation is commonplace across the globe. There are 5.4 billion smartphones and hundreds of millions of navigators equipped with satellite positioning technology. Satellite navigation is also an important element of the functioning of society. The operation of power and communications networks and transport services, for example, requires satellite positioning and absolute time information.

The operational programme on satellite navigation proposes 14 concrete measures to make Finland one of the top countries in the world in the deployment of satellite navigation systems.

The draft operational programme aims to promote the harnessing of satellite data in business activities and service provision, ensure the quality of satellite positioning and the deployment of satellite navigation systems in the Arctic regions, and promote the deployment of small satellites. The programme also aims to review the need and possibilities to establish a space administration in Finland.

The deadline for comments on the programme is 17 October 2017. The consultation rounds arranged by the Ministry of Transport and Communications are open; everyone is welcome to comment, not just those specifically mentioned in the request. Comments can be sent to the Registry of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (kirjaamo@lvm.fi).

The operational programme is scheduled to be completed this autumn.

(mention of open consultation round added to the text 13.10)