Spectrum conference of the Baltic Sea states focused on cooperation

Nyhet 21.10.2015 16.07 fi sv en

Radio spectrum (Picture: Rodeo)

The Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications arranged an unofficial spectrum conference of the Baltic Sea states on 21 October 2015. The meeting focused on discussing how the Baltic Sea states intend to use the 700 MHz spectrum band and if there could be cooperation between the countries.

In her opening words, Ms Anne Berner, Finland's Minister of Transport and Communications, stressed the particular importance of high-speed communications connections and spectrum as the backbone of digitalisation and the consequential economic growth. Spectrum cooperation between the Baltic Sea states is an important step in the process as spectrum issues call for a lot of coordination between the neighbouring states.

For example in Finland and Sweden the 700 MHz spectrum band has been assigned for wireless broadband use as of 2017.

The conference was attended by representatives from ministries and agencies responsible for spectrum issues in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden.