The digital business environment is making good headway

Press release 28.04.2017 15.41 fi sv en

The government’s key project on creating a digital business environment is making good headway. Finland has potential to become a digitalised society and a pioneer in the introduction and application of new, globally produced technological solutions, says Ms Anne Berner, Minister of Transport and Communications and the leader of the key project.

Before the Government’s mid-term policy review, the project had prepared a national information security strategy and government resolutions on promoting intelligent robotics and automation and on the utilisation of big data in business operations. What is more, the implementation of these strategies and resolutions is well underway. The project has also prepared the Northeast Passage cable project and an action plan for broadband development that also addresses 5G deployment.

- Another step towards promoting digitalisation was taken recently as the Parliament passed the first phase of the transport services act (the Transport Code), says Minister Berner. The transport services act will enable seamless transport service chains and new digital services for transport. A parliamentary working group was also appointed to consider the funding of transport.

Information and connections to meet increasingly diverse needs

The objective of the key project is to promote and create digital services and new business models. Minister Berner points out that the aims of digitalisation also include achieving Finland’s climate and energy targets. In the future, these targets will increasingly form the backdrop for decisions that concern both the economy and the citizens’ well-being.

- We do not know what the future will bring and to which direction technological advancement and the burgeoning of information will take such sectors as transport and communications. However, it is clear that while technology and innovations will speed the progress, we need incentives in order to attain a desirable future. This aim is also served by new measures of the key project.

A project titled Smart countryside, for example, was launched to promote the new digital operating models of transport in rural areas. Digitalisation is also to be developed in logistics, the transport sector and the ports.

An action plan aiming for better utilisation of satellite navigation will also be prepared during the government term. Through this action plan, the government seeks to ensure that the satellite systems and digital services required for automated transport will be available. The need to establish a space administration will also be assessed.

As part of the key project, data communications will be improved by initiating the planning of and preparations for an undersea cable linking Oulu and Helsinki.

In the area of communications policy, the key project is formulating a media policy programme to secure the diversity of the Finnish media sector and content production.

The aim of the government key project on creating a growth environment for digital business operations is to make Finland a favourable operating environment for digital services and business models based on digitality.

The work to develop the digital growth environment is led by the Minister of Transport and Communications together with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. The measures of this project are due for completion by the end of 2018.

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